Starsky & Hutch took a risk that didn’t work out. But in the end they caught the bad guy anyway.

Before joining, I discussed making the risky career move with someone who is a risk avoider. She thought she could convince me not to take the job with an analogy.

She said “it’s like being on a dock and jumping on to a boat that is too far away.” Her suggestion was to wait until the boat is tied to the dock.

She thought that would convince me. But it didn’t work because I see the analogy different than her.

“Risk is when you walk on a wire between two tall buildings.” — Steven Levy

Entrepreneurs have a lower perception of risk and a higher tolerance for risk. They also enjoy taking risks.

For me the boat is much closer than it is to her. So I don’t think the jump is really that far.

For me the boat is moving away from the dock, not coming closer. So I better jump now while it’s still in sight.

For me the worst that happens is I have to swim to the boat or climb back up on the dock and try again. She is worried I’ll drown if I land in the water. But I know how to swim.

If I’m lucky enough, a better boat will pick me up before I have to bother swimming too far…

And the dock is not secure either, so I better get off the dock while I still can.

The riskiest action is just sitting on the dock waiting for the perfect boat to pick me up. And even if it does, I’ll still need to take a jump. So why not jump when and where I want to land.



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