Starting a new business venture can be intimidating. Add to that a simultaneous career change and you have a recipe for terror. Change is never easy, but change can open the door to real growth if you allow it.

The opporunity for growth is greatest when one thing dies or passes away, making room for the new. Life comes from death. From the dead seed sprouts the tree. A decomposing creature’s body fertilizes the earth bringing new life. A star goes supernova scattering its elements across the galaxy and seeding new planets. If we know this to be true, then why is change still so difficult?

Fear. When one thing dies, like a career, fear shows up. Fear of what people might say or think. “He’s a failure.” Fear of financial stress. “How will I pay my bills?” Fear of the unknown. “What do I do next?” Fear of making a mistake. Fear of being ridiculed. The list never ends, but most of what we fear never actually happens.

Fear is a liar. Fear annihilates hope, relationships, and more. It takes everything if you allow it to. What resources we spend worrying about things that never happen! What if we spent all of those resources on learning, thinking, working, and helping our neighbors?

Counter fear with your intellect. Is what you fear even realistic? When you truly think about what you fear, how may specific events would have to fall exactly into place for your worst fears to manifest?

What is very liberating to all entrepreneurs is that if your idea fails, you can do something else. This truth gives entrepreneurs great freedom. Your idea comes from you, but you are the creator of your idea and you are greater than and superior to your idea, whether it fails or succeeds.

If your idea fails, then let it fail on your terms with your dignity intact, new-found knowledge, a refined spirit, and increased toughness. And then move on. Life is about the journey. It’s about how you affect the people sitting in their cubicles when your LinkedIn profile pops up on their screen saying you launched a new business and left your old career behind. What do they truly think when they read that about you? “I wish I could do that.”

Use your intellect to overcome fear. If you fail, do it on your terms, and then do something else. You are greater than and superior to your idea.