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Speaking to top tech scale-ups in Hong Kong and South Korea, on the back of visits to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and India — the top question is how should we explore the opportunities the UK offers? And why?

When you plan your visit reach out to them, to ensure you get meetings lined up with the angel networks. You’ll get an insight into what’s getting funded and how to pitch better.

Angel investment networks in the UK & London

Make sure you arrange meetings with these to help with your capital needs, but also check out their sites where you will see the best presentations which are working to raise capital — especially in your sector and who your competitors are.

Again, the link in the image shows you the list of the 300+ incubators and accelerators. Whilst still abroad contact the ones in your sector and schedule a meet for when you land in the UK — such as Google!

They also give you access to funds you would not get in front of, such as Alibaba Fund. How? Because the UK has leverage other countries do not to partner and access such funds.

And what better way to convince tech entrepreneurs to go global from the UK, than to talk how you did it — with clients in over 100 countries! So I told them about my company.

The author is CEO of an asset management company and a Dealmaker for the UK Government’s Global Entrepreneur Programme. He is a Financial Times author and founder of fintech company using AI for algo based market forecasting and trading —

Some Language Which Will Help

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