Those hours of shredding tons of paper, the long hours in the heat of the factory, and the key punching as I was falling asleep at the computer is more beneficial than I realized. That summer may not have been very fun for me, but I made a great connections with coworkers. With those connections, they welcomed me back for the winter and another summer. This past summer changed my life. They trusted me with more tasks, and gave me more responsibilities with the everyday aspects of the company. I learned priceless business skills and have found a home at BCI Burke.

After talking with Eric Schnabel, it became clear to me the job that may have been horrible opened doors for me. I had the chance to work with the vice president, CFO, and president on projects. I got to witness their talents and passion at work. They loved coming to work. They loved the Burke brand and they devoted themselves 100% to it. The passion was seen throughout the departments, and it unites the company to strive for success. Eric, similarly, was passionate about his job and knew what he needed to do to differentiate himself from the crowd. He made me excited to get out into the world, find my passions, and see where the evolving world will take me. He eased my worries on first starting out after graduation. What resonated with me most was the highest paying job may not be the most lucrative opportunity. I need to truly take into account the opportunities at hand and stay true to what I know and do best. The video conference with Eric was very insightful. It is always interesting hearing people’s success stories!



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