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I attended the first ENS workshop last year. Then I was finding my way into the blockchain ecosystem. I’d volunteered to help launch ENS earlier that year. I was also deep in transition and an uncertain place.

Working in blockchain felt like the next step on the Just Rolling with It journey. I was doing other work to pay the bills then. I was studying and learning the blockchain space in the time I could spare.

Attending last year’s summit felt like a leap of faith. ENS paid my travel expenses. I wasn’t getting paid for the work though.

Voices from my past were telling me it was irresponsible to do this. It would also be the first time I’d be apart from our family since our two year old son was born.

All the doubts flooded me on the way to the airport a year ago. What if NOTHING ever came of this? I was feeling extremely sad to leave our family for the fist time. Imposter syndrome started kicking-in. So did the guilt.

I met a lot of blockchain people at that first workshop. That felt hopeful. Nothing immediate came out of it. I didn’t intend for it to.

I applied what I’d been learning by Just Rolling with It and went in without expected outcomes. I could’ve gone in aggressively looking for work. I chose not to do that. Becoming more comfortable with uncertainty made that possible.

Eventually I started working of small blockchain projects. Some happened as an indirect result of attending the workshop. Attending also helped me overcome most of the imposter syndrome I experienced. I realized most people were and still are trying to figure this stuff out. I wasn’t the only one.

This year I returned as the full time product manager at Aragon One, a blockchain project. My part-time ENS role formalized earlier this year. I’m working on a couple other blockchain side-projects too.

It turns out the Aragon One role manifested from last year’s workshop. At the workshop, I connected with one of the other attendees about Just Rolling with It. He read the blog before attending. It connected with him. He’s also founded a leading blockchain project and is well-established in the space.

One of Aragon One’s founders attended last year too. I connected briefly with him. This other founder introduced me to him in passing too. It didn’t feel like we connected. I didn’t expect the introduction to manifest into anything.

It’s actually that introduction that led me to Aragon One. The Aragon founder I met remembered me, when they decided it was time to add a product manager . He passed my name to Aragon’s HR person. She contacted me. A couple months later I joined the project.

ENS received a grant from the Ethereum foundation shortly after that. The ENS founder asked if I’d be available to formalize my role. I did that with Aragon’s support.

I feel optimistic, hopeful and grateful reflecting on the difference a year can make. I’ve learned pausing to reflect on these feelings is beneficial.

I share them with you, with the intention they benefit you too. I’ve shared the many challenges I’ve faced Just Rolling with It with you.

My hope is these moments of hope, optimism and gratitude may help you believe Just Rolling with It works, in the way, shape or form that’s right for you. I feel grateful you’re along for the ride.

How about it? Do you believe Just Rolling with It can work for you? Why or why not? Let me know by replying directly to this email.

Catch you next week, with my gratitude,

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