1. My first game will be a physical activity and a strategy game, they will start out in teams of 2, over all 4 players all together. Inside the can there will be 10 red cups and 10 blue cups and 2 ping pong balls. Each cup will have different numbers written on the plastic cups, the number will be 0 to 9. The cups will be set up in a pyramid as 4, 3, 2, and 1. each player will take turns shooting the ping pong ball and the first team to make it to 21 wins. Each team will have to keep track of what cup they shot the ping pong ball into and track each number, while adding the numbers together to keep track on what cup needs to be made to make it to 21 first. If you go over 21 you automatically lose.
  2. My second game is physical game there will be 2 players all together. There will be 10 bouncy balls in the can and on player will have 5 bouncy ball all the same color and the other player will have 5 bouncy balls a different color. The idea of the game is to have the can 24 inches away from the players and they have bounce the ball on the floor and the ball has to make it into the coffee can. If the ball bounces into the coffee can but bouncy back out then it does not count as making it into the can. First one to make all 5 bouncy balls into the coffee can wins.
  3. My third game is a puzzle/strategy game, there will be 2 player to a team, there will be 2 teams overall 4 players. each team will have four characters, the characters be the same. In an envelope they will put one one character in the envelope and the other team will have to guess what character the other team chose to put in the envelope. The team will ask the other team a series of questions each member will take turns asking questions. After each question is asked team decides on if they figured out what character is in the envelope. the team that guess the correct character thats in the envelope wins.



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