With all the information we found, we determined that influences outside the company does impact how an employee feels about their work experience. Although the culture of the rating is the driving force that influences whether an employee would recommend the job to a friend or not, we see that factors such as commute time and annual rainfall changes the confidence in their answer. We created a ‘friend’ that is a user-friendly application in Slack that delivers our prediction through our pre-trained model and a nationwide-location-based bar graph for users to compare Friend Recommendation scores visually so more curious users could explore the physical location and shape of the city.


We were able to achieve 85% for the accuracy of both the train and test datasets (screenshot below). As a result, the model uses culture rating, state annual snowfall, state annual rainfall, crime per 1000 people and average work commute time within the city to develop an employee happiness score for the company.

Company Headquarter Location:

The image below shows that recommendation for companies with the same culture rating could be different based on their headquarter location. You would notice that we recommend “No” for a company with a culture rating of 3.3 headquartered in Tacoma, Wa. On the other hand, we recommend “Yes” for a company with the same culture rating headquartered in New York, NY. This shows how a company’s location will affect our algorithm recommendation.

Company Culture Rating:

The figures below show how our recommendation changes by company culture. You will notice how our recommendation changes from “No” to “Yes” as company culture rating goes from 3.1 to 3.3655. The “confidence” level of our recommender for “Yes” also increased as company culture rating goes from 3.3655 to 3.8. This shows that company culture has influence on whether or not someone recommends a company to their friends.


There many factors that affect an employee’s happiness level at the company. We found that we could measure an employee’s level of happiness, in terms of whether they would recommend their company to a friend, with the features mentioned above. Our code for the UI, Slack bot integration, and databases are located in the team’s Github repository: https://github.com/pttruong2009/Data1030Project. Download our code and use it for your next job hunt!



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