It all started back in November 2017. A sole email from a place called “Funky Grill”. At first, I thought my credit card may have been stolen. Nope. Then I figured it was a one-off piece of spam and went about my day.

But it happened a few more times. Then a few more.

Little did I know this would be the start of a year-long saga with an online food service called Just Eat in the UK.

I asked the company to remove my email and I told them they have serious security flaws. No action.

I did get a (vague) response asking me to email them the details of this. I did. And still nothing.

Over the months I’ve gotten to know Connor Rogers, user of my email address for what I can only assume is a chicken nugget addiction. Here’s what I know.

I know he is a man of routine: a combo box.. with a lot of fried chicken

But sometimes he changes it up…

Sometimes he’s very hungry (or has a guest)…

He loves milkshakes… Twix, Oreo, KitKat and others

And ice cream…

Regardless of his order, he loves BBQ sauce (or what he calls sause) and always asks for extra… with proper British manners, of course

But more importantly, I know his home address…

I know where he works…

I know his phone number. And I even know his credit card (Visa btw) number. It was stored… in 👏🏻 plain 👏🏻 text 👏🏻



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