Thinking about giving to charity over the holidays but not sure how — or if it’s really worth all the trouble? We think it is! Let’s talk about why, how, and who to give to this holiday season.

Why Give?

It’s easy to feel like the trouble and expense of giving isn’t worth it, or that your gifts aren’t large enough to make a real difference. Rest assured: no matter how small, your donations impact lives in meaningful ways.

If you’re feeling unsure of the impact of your donations on a greater scale, why not step down to a smaller scale? You’re much more likely to feel you’re making a difference if you give locally and lend a helping hand in the community.

How to Give Like a Pro

What do you care about? What cause resonates with you most: making sure children have toys for Christmas, or making sure the folks at the homeless shelter have a warm meal?

What do you have to give? Time, money, or both? How much time/money? Do you have anything laying around the house (old clothes or toys) you can give? (P.S. Trying to donate furniture but worried about hassle? Don’t sweat it — PockitShip is here to help with big deliveries.)

Do your research: Not all charities are created equal, and you’ll want to make sure you’re giving responsibly by giving to a charity that is transparent and effective about how they handle donations. Try using Charity Navigator to find objective charity rankings.

Who to Help

Want to give locally in the Washington, D.C., area? Here are some of our favorite charities:

• Second Story: The Abused and Homeless Children’s Refuge always needs toiletries as well as cleaning and office supplies.

• Concerned for our furry friends this winter? Give to 4Paws Rescue Team! They’ll take food, cleaning supplies, toys, or — if you’re feeling really generous — you can foster a kitten!

• Martha’s Table is all about better education, better health and more support for our neighbors and kids. You can make a donation or volunteer your time for an event.

• Toys for Tots is a beloved classic for givers around Christmastime! For over 60 years, the Marine Corps has made it their mission to collect and deliver new toys — from charitable people like you to local children in need. In fact, PockitShip recently had the opportunity to help with the program, where the toys we assisted in gathering will be going to over 6,000 families in the Washington, D.C. area. We love supporting such an amazing cause!

How Will You Give?

Whether you give your time or your hard-earned cash, you can feel good knowing that you’re doing something that’ll make someone else smile this holiday season.

Give the Gift of Moving

Do you know someone moving? This year PockitShip is offering gift cards! Now you can help remove the headache of moving for a family member, friend or even a co-worker. Order here and receive 10% off using promo code GIFTCARD.

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