Disabilities always seem to incur feelings in me that I never thought existed, feelings I could never fathom well feeling. To be honest I am not considered a person proficient in matters of the heart, feelings of sympathy do not easily nestle themselves in my person but whenever the case at hand includes a disability ; my heart melts. This morning, I found myself in desperate need of a suitcase and therefore was browsing through the vast 'Lifestyle' store situated in Quest mall in Kolkata. I scanned through quite a few in all shapes, sizes, quality and colour. When I finally decided on a pair of stylish looking bags, I proceeded to foot the bill for my purchase. I was extremely busy searching for my wallet which had lodged itself deep into my pant pocket when I noticed him. 'He' who is the topic of our discussion had so much of an impact of me that I didn’t check for his name as I was too mesmerised by enigmatic smile and character. Now coming back to the reason for this article; 'He' was hearing and speaking impaired and yet he wasn’t conscious of his so called inadequacies, which have been called so by the opinion of the general public. This opinion that people who are impaired cannot fit into society when they indeed can is awfully unfair and should change and I hope to help the change on its path through this article. ’He' went on carried on with his work quietly while I stood watching in awe. 'He' used gestures and cards to get his message across to me while succeeding superbly. 'He' must come across so many people like me who leave flabbergasted and proud, 'He' must have such a major impact on so many people’s lives as he has done mine. I would like to metaphorically tip my hat off to him and to thank the 'Lifestyle' store for giving him a chance because he has certainly not let them down.