I shouted out “hiiiii” to you, smile a bit for that.

I am Aditya co-founder of Roha, here is the story of how I formed my team.

I got graduated in April 2019 and buckled myself to start my entrepreneurial journey, which I wished to do from my very beginning of undergrad. All the resources I had at that time were a laptop and mobile, with almost 500 Gb of movies and series which came along with me after my graduation.

The first thing I did was to know where do I stand in the scale of wantrepreneur to entrepreneur. I took top CEOs like Elon, steve, jack ma, Narayana Murthy, ratan tata on the right end of the scale and a procrastinating student eating frozen pizza and dreaming and binge-watching on the left end of the scale.

My stand

Now I came to know my position, I am not dreaming anymore. I want money, a lab, digital and physical resources, mentors, ideas, strategies, a lot of things but initially a TEAM (investors invest in teams)

for the next 1 week, I made note of some important qualities I need in my teammates, they are:

  1. Adaptability.
  2. Communication.
  3. Creative.
  4. Artistic
  5. Passionate about the environment.

It is better to introspect first and then look outside, so started polishing these qualities in me and started to look outside for similar people.

Now I surfed through all my contacts on google, facebook, LinkedIn, my childhood friends, acquaintances and made a list of people who I thought have the qualities I want.

I have 2000 contacts when I skimmed through the list and I got 50 potential people in that, only 10 of them were with enough skill and passion to start this project. I made a template of what should I speak and I called, the first couple of people weren’t interested in taking the risk as an entrepreneur and four of them were already into some other job.

My circle was becoming smaller, so the confidence in making a team. In the beginning, the assumption was everyone says ‘yes’ now only four people were left on the list. and they all told swift no as they were involved in some other startups or works.

Now I have only one left that’s me. I was completely dissolved and wanted to go back to my frozen pizza and bing-watch.

I called those 10 people and asked them to ping their networks, then a very dear friend of mine told about Vivek, who I know previously but I have forgotten. Vivek and I met a couple of times before in trek, he came out of the syllabus. he is a very creative person, a good photographer, and an excellent beatboxer.

you can find his Instagram profile here

I called him and told about the idea and he was quite interested.

Meanwhile, on one warm evening, I got a call from an undergrad from IIT-madras who is a bird watcher and photographer, I wondered how she got to know my number, later she told me that she found my presentation in their college group, which I was quite surprised.

Have a look at her Instagram page

Now I realized how my 10 potential contacts helped me by pushing my message across their networks and I came to know the power of a network

I got another call very next day from my teammate Vivek ( YES! we teamed up). he told Mayuri, a marine conservationist, working in CSIR-NIO was very much interested in the work, my happiness has no bounds now. she is a scuba diver and also writes, you can find her writings in the below link

I have written the incidents how we met, observe counterintutively see whole things have connected to my ideas and people came in. to get people inn, throw out charm. Levrage the network and their networks and their networks, things work miraculosly

With these people supporting me, Our project is achieving one milestone after another.

We are team ROHA and this is the story of how we teamed up,

Catch up our latest works on Our Instagram page. ❤



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