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An evergreen document of the actions I’ll be taking

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I’m tired.

Really tired of the nightmares. The addiction issues. The boredom. There is something wrong with my life. I’m tired, and angry. There is no epiphany. There is no sudden loss of a job and a miracle, or an accident, or an unlikely partnership. There is just a guy who can’t fucking take it anymore.

First, I’ll be publishing this book. It’ll be done in parts. Every achievement, I’ll publish. Some of the story has already been done, so I’ve got to catch up and write it.

My path to one million dollars will start with my passion. Learning. And it will end with the closure of learning, teaching. I wrote a quote once.

Here is already what I’ve learned:

  1. I learned how to build website
  2. I learned how to run small businesses
  3. I learned about finances
  4. I learned about health and fitness
  5. I learned about people
  6. I learned about quantum mechanics
  7. I learned philosophy
  8. I learned about mental health
  9. I learned about writing
  10. I learned about video games
  11. I learned Dungeons and Dragons
  12. I learned about divorce
  13. I learned about having children
  14. I learned how to buy a home
  15. I learned about debt
  16. I learned about substance abuse
  17. I learned about alcoholism
  18. I learned about cancer

Now I’m going to take the things I learned and turn them into teaching.

Ways I’m going to teach:

  1. I will write books
  2. I will write ebooks
  3. I will tell stories
  4. I will talk to people
  5. I will have coaching clients
  6. I will have a podcast
  7. I will have audio books

Let’s talk it out. This story will be numbered. Every time I want to update and write on this story, I will publish the next in line on Medium. Eventually I will create a book with each of the stories posted in succession. Each future post will have the previous ones linked. You’ll have to start at the beginning to get a sense of the whole thing.

I will write everytime I learned about something.

I will write my process on building the teachings for the things I’ve learned

I will make one million dollars telling my story

Every time I learn something, I’ll write about it. These will become my books.

Medium will be where I make money on gradual reads. It acts as a place to gain an audience. Medium is a marketing tool with some financial benefit. I do not believe I could make a lot of money on medium simply for the way it functions and it’s desire for particular types of writers, where I am not their ideal partner.

Books will be written form of my short stories. I will have audio and paper back/ebook versions of all my short stories.

I will book my long stories.

I will book compilations of my smaller stories of similar content.

I will book compilations of my smaller stories of differentiating content that serve to draw an image over a specified topic.

All of my books will again serve as marketing and support for this project.

I will start an email newsletter with my best tips. Something a little more like Tim Ferriss where I have 5 bullet friday. I’ll have to at least make into my plans to have this post a part of the process. This is called a Progression Loop.

Eventually, I will hold classes. Maybe smaller at first. Maybe ten people, where I will charge the cost of my book and time, and teach a small subject. I could advertise locally, or on a website like

I’m not entirely sold on this idea yet. But I need a funnel for my coaching practice. Eventually, some customers will become clients. These clients will get more of my time, for a price. And after this, I will do larger audiences or talks.

So where do I get started today?

People are still talking about email lists. What the God, I hate them. They are fear. Push into fear.

I will also become a resource. I need to develop a product to answer every question. Every time I reference something, there needs to be content based on it where I can link. I will have my content both free, and paid. No more fighting to know what should be free and what should be paid, let’s do both.

I agree with myself that the 5 bullet Friday thing needs to be first. This gives me a straight segway into the newsletter, for the email list. I need to learn about sending out emails to subscribers.

I will need to document and write about the learning process. Which means that Medium is where I post this content. Medium is where I post my adventures for this because I’m looking for readers, and this is where many of them are.

I’ve also discussed that free articles are a must on Medium because of the SEO. tk — add the link to the post where I talk about this.

What do I put in my 5bf?

Actually… This document should be the 5bf. I’ll truncate this post into the content of what I’m doing, the who/what/where/when/why/how. The 5bf will become my condensed list to keep myself inline with the goals. And I’ll send it out as the blueprint for the journey.

ok. So what do I want on this 5bf?

  1. top things I need to do
  2. goals
  3. timelines
  4. things I’m reading
  5. things I’m listening to
  6. What am I learning
  7. what content did I create this week?
  8. is that content inline with what I’m doing

I need to shorten this. I need to get strategic to what I need to consolidate, for myself.

It’ll look like this:

Learn > Teach > Condense to 5bf > Learn….

I need to begin every week with learning something. I will then teach things that I’ve learned. I will summarize everything that I’ve learned and taught over the last week and put that into a 5bf-style email newsletter.

The transmission of the content is irrelevant to the process. This means that it would look like this:

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Learn > Teach > Condense to 5bf

(Medium > books > podcast)

Learn > Teach > Condence to 5bf

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Above, the process I’m completing every week is a constant. Learn, teach, conclusion.

The bubble in the middle of it is just the delivery. It’s not a part of the strategy, so to speak. Or rather, it is it’s own strategy.

Then the process continues and repeats weekly.

The process of learning and teaching every week will build the conclusion.

Learning will happen in places.

Teaching will happen in places

and the conclusion will happen in a place.

But the process is true.

Next, we define where the places are. I don’t want to fight against the grain of what these places have to offer, so I’ll go with the flow. TK — I learned about the flow, I should write about it.

I’ve just decided that I will not post separate stories for this document, as long as I can feature a single article on my Medium profile. Instead, every time that I update it, I will mark the “tk’ icon so that readers know where new information is. That’s if the tk shows for them on a published draft. This way I don’t have to link each previous post and you can keep the whole story in one go. It’ll mean editing the story though.

It won’t get seen unless I have someone visit my profile though. That’s no good. The document needs to get published new every so often and I can’t duplicate. Scratch that idea. TK — link medium not allow duplicates.

ok. Let’s recap and generalize.

I will use tools to publish the things I learned. These will be Medium, podcasts, books, YouTube, e-courses, coaching and an email list.

Each tool I use will have it’s own particularities on whether it’s meant to grow an audience or the finances.

The system of the tools will be placed in the order of my learning>Teaching process. As such, Medium is my daily writing and documentation of the process. Medium will feed my writing into podcasts, books, videos, courses and the email list. I’m not sure how coaching fits in, other than when people want my one-on-one attention for Q&A. I suppose I could coach a course, but the appeal is still the ability to get my attention.

This means, being that today is Sunday, that I’m already in my process phase. I’m learning how to build the system that will lead me to the one million dollars. This medium story needs to be fed into the other content platforms, along with anything I create this week, until Friday morning. Friday I post the 5bf.

I think I’ll need to mark my:

  1. progress both in audience and finances
  2. List of content I created that week. What did I learn and teach
  3. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT analysis)
  4. Goals and tasks based on the outcome of bullet one and two

Maybe it should be four bullet Friday instead, also not to infringe on five bullet Friday too much. Sorry Tim Ferriss



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