We’re gonna tell the startup ecosystem in Turkey for the medium readers. Is there really a potential in Turkey?

We will talk about İstanbul and other big cities. You will be informed without going to Turkey. In Turkey, big organizations coming true behalf of entrepreneurship. Especially Istanbul Technical University is helpful in this regard.

Each year, investments are being made and awards are given at BIGBANG Organization where the top 20 initiatives are introduced. A total of 21 million Turkish lira was distributed in 2018,while the 52 million Turkish lira(8 Million Euro) was distributed in 2019 Istanbul Technical University Çekirdek BIGBANG-Startup Challenge. Here are these initiatives;

1-Bulutklinik —

2-Car4Future Technologies —

3-Cleantex —

4-Earnado —

5-Ecording —

6-Fabrikatör —

7-Facilis Racing —

8-Fon Radar —

9-Freight Basket —

10-Ludens —

11-Meinox Technologies

12-MEŞK —

13-Mips — —

15-SafeTech —

16-Sensemore —

17-Stork Camper —

18-Torchit —

19-Torever —




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