Apple just had their annual cult meeting. I loved it. I love Apple. I’m typing this on my Mac. My iPhone is right next to me and I’m wearing an Apple Watch. I have my iPad charging in the other room so I can use it later today when I work out. When I do, I’ll stream my workout video on my Apple TV. If Apple came out with a brand of Koolaide, lets say, iKoolaide, I would be a customer and probably drink it whenever they told me to.

When I was watching their video about all the new products that were coming out, I a lot of things that were very Apple. It got me thinking. What if other companies started doing the same things. Not with selling smart phones, but with their own products. Would using core principles that Apple follows lead to more sales in other industries?

Here are 5 ground breaking strategies that Apple uses every time they have a conference like this:

1. Don’t be descriptive with product names.

This struck me as interesting. They made a version of retina display that was like 10 thousand times better than a previous version of it. Like it was better in every way. I was thinking of what name they could come up with that could go along with such great advances in technology. They nailed it.

Super Retina Display

Its like regular retina display, but superer.

2. Don’t be descriptive with new features

When coming up with new features to put on a product, it’s hard to brand it. Apple has done it flawlessly.

They released their newest feature, Face ID. Any guesses on what it does?

It unlocks your phone with your face!

If you ask anyone who is remotely familiar with Apple about Face ID, they will all be able to guess what it does pretty easily.

3. Keep a similar naming convention

When naming the next generation of products, few have done it well. Android has not. They have names like donut, eclair, froyo, and on and on. I just get hungry thinking about those. And confused. This is a conversation I made up that has probably happened between a tech and a customer:

Customer: My phone isn’t working.

Tech: Do you have the latest operating system on it?

Customer: I don’t know. It says KitKat.

Tech: You need to upgrade your OS. Good news, you can put Oreo on your phone.

Customer: Give me a break. I don’t want an Oreo, I just want my phone to work.

This is what happens when you do weird stuff like name operating systems off of food. Apple does it perfectly. Here’s that same made up conversation at an Apple Store:

Customer: My phone isn’t working.

Tech: Do you have the latest operating system on it?

Customer: I don’t know. It says 8.

Tech: You need to upgrade your OS. Good news, you can put iOS10 on your phone.

Customer: That’s awesome. 10 is greater than 8, so it must be good.

See what happened? Customers aren’t that smart. I think a KitKat is better than an Oreo, so I would be confused over in Android land. I am not a math wiz, but I am 99% positive that 10 is greater than 8, so it must be better. And that’s what they do. iPhone 7 is greater than the iPhone 6 which is greater than the iPhone 5 and so on. Its common sense. Especially for consumers who don’t understand technology.

4. Skip numbers for emphasis.

They just revealed the iPhone 8 and another iPhone. Not iPhone 9, iPhone X or iPhone 10!

How much better is it? So much better they had to skip an entire number! It’s an entire number better than the new iPhone 8!!!

This is a crucial step. When you skip a number, you are symbolically telling the world that your new product is so good, that just using the next number wouldn’t do it justice. Sometimes they do it with naming it something new. Like with iPads, they went from iPad 2 to The New iPad. How good was it? Numbers wouldn’t do it justice. It’s just the new one.

5. Have a very non descriptive ad.

When they showed an ad for their new iPhone X, they ended it with a big X on the screen. That was killer! It tells everyone who doesn’t know anything about Apple, that they aren’t in the know. It also tells everyone who is in the know about Apple that they are cooler because they get the reference.

Excluding and including people is key in an advertisement. It makes all the people who are in the Apple Tribe want their products even more, and it makes all the people outside the Apple Tribe want it because they are desperate to be in the know.

These 5 tips will take any startup in a garage to the titans of their industry. They’ve been proven to work with Apple, and I can see them working for just about every other industry. The key is not to think different, but to think like Apple.