Number one: Don’t be a jerk

Tim Denning
Photo by Tom Grünbauer on Unsplash

There was a point in my life where I was a self-confessed selfish jerk. We’ve all had a phase like that — unless you’re Chris Hemsworth maybe. School doesn’t teach you to be humble, and modern-day life doesn’t teach you that by default either.

Humility is an idea, a way of life, and a superpower, once discovered. You won’t find it on TV, on Instagram, or at nightclubs. Humility is found in unlikely places— usually when you’re down on your luck or been punched in the face by life. That’s where humility pops its head up to say hello and change your freaking life for good.

Humility is one experiment I’ve been tinkering with the way The Doc from “Back To The Future” plays with the concept of time using a Delorean. With the tiny bit of internet attention I’ve had of late, humility and the idea of it have become number one in importance in my life.

Without humility, you sabotage your own success. Here are a few ways to have more humility from my recent experiment.



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