Fuck sales and fuck being sold to. Nobody enjoys it. Nobody likes it. Nobody wants to be on the receiving end, feeling like the quarry.

Nobody likes being hunted by data loving fast talkers, endless telesales calls or anything else.

When I’m being sold to the way most people sell, I want to scream.

But there is an easy way to make me buy something.

You have to show to me that you understand the exact problem that your product or your service solves in my life and workflow. And you have to be specific about it.

As long as you can demonstrate that you know what it is that I need, why I need it, and why you can actually fill that hole in what I do, I’ll be interested.

Here’s the great part. If you don’t know or can’t demonstrate any of this information, I’ve got good news for you, you have just qualified me right out of your sales funnel. Why is that good?

Because now you have one less prospect to waste your time on. You can focus on the prospects for who, you can provide that information and use that approach.

If you can’t find any prospects who meet that requirement, I’ve got some more news, you can’t sell shit.

Arguably, this approach is going to work in any industry and for almost anybody. When you sell, you need to be a resource — not a used car salesman on a Florida lot in 1975 wearing cheap flared trousers and a cheaper smile.

When you can be a resource and share the right information at the right time, most people are going to stop telling you to piss off and start inviting you to actually talk to them.

Sales doesn’t have to suck.

I believe that.

Go be useful to people and fucking prove that.