Time for networking is included at conferences, meetings, & around the watercooler each day. But how do you do it?

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  • Lectures — 17 Lectures
  • Skill Level –Beginner Level
  • Language — English
  • Published –6/2018

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Course Includes

  • How to get over natural/normal fears of walking into a room with people you don’t know
  • How to introduce yourself so you’re memorable without being weird
  • Ways to prepare for an event
  • Learn how and when to follow up afterwards
  • How to juggle food and an appetizer
  • Tips to get into a conversation (and exit one)
  • What to do with all those business cards
  • How to best use LinkedIn to prepare and follow up from an event

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What Will I learn?

  • 💓 Full lifetime access
  • 📱 Access on mobile and TV
  • 📋 Certificate of Completion


  • ⚓ Willingness to go a bit out of your comfort zone
  • ⚓ Identify 1–3 events to test your new skills and try new techniques to meet people
  • ⚓ Not required, but you may want to make up a few business cards to take along

Who is the target audience?

  • 🙇 Anyone who wants to gain confidence at events — from a BBQ to the Oscars
  • 🙇 People who understand they need to connect with others to succeed — professionally and personally
  • 🙇 Individuals who want to expand who they know and more importantly — who knows you!
  • 🙇 People who have been in the workplace for awhile and feel stuck
  • 🙇 Anyone starting out in their career and wants to make a good first impression
  • 🙇 Non-sales professionals (eg. architects, engineers, doctors, accountants) who need to bring in clients
  • 🙇 Sales professionals who are great at closing business and want to polish their networking skills
  • 🙇 Fundraisers who are seeking ways to connect to donors in an authentic way

Take this course!

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