How to Win Friends & Influence People:

Human nature demands to be loved and a person would do anything in order to fulfill this desire but most of the people do not know how to be important to someone. They often try wrong approaches. They try to impress other by telling their own experiences, their qualities and their good habits but it does not affect other .Consider that you & your friend have a meeting and a person comes to you and starts telling you about his achievements and things. Would you like it? Certainly not.

So the question arises is, what is the right way to get priority? Let me give you a personal example. On one rainy night, I was in a Cafeteria near my house. As it was raining heavily so I stopped there and for passing the time I started a conversation with the waiter there .We had a lovely chat and I came to know that he belonged to my native city. I showed curiosity, continued the conversation and soon after I went to my home. After this conversation whenever we meet, he always welcomes me in and serves me first.

After this I thought to myself that why he is so genuinely interested in me? To know the reason I did an experiment. Next day I started to ask people about themselves, their daily life, their ambition, their hobbies etc. Some of them were little conservative but most of them gave satisfactory answers .I tried same approach next day and I found that now they are more friendly to me.

I have discovered from personal experience that one can win the attention, time and cooperation of even the most sought-after people by becoming genuinely interested in them.

Let’s see this principle in sense of business. If an executive person has the ability to be interested in other people then there would be less tensed environment and it will increase the loyalty of workers towards that officer. Workers would be more motivated and passionate and it will definitely increase the productivity.

The Golden rule for friendship is “Be interested not interesting”. I bet that you also have some relevant example in your life, Can you think of one?



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