My associate Michael and I have this goal: to create an online booking platform with home studios added to the traditional offer of music studios. Why? Because our experience with our own home studio showed us it’s not that easy to rent and/or book a music studio online and it’s even worse for home studios. We then want to make recording easy for every artist, anytime.

In this sharing economy era, we could increase the chances for many artists to record in good conditions, whatever their level is. The home studios may indeed have a non-professional image as they are owned by a peer, contrary to the professional recording and rehearsal studios, but many have very good equipment that is not used all the time, which is a waste of money!

There are already platforms in the music industry that offer online bookings of course and they are good at it. However, there are many prestigious recording studios while home studios are not seen that much. Our strategy is then a bit different as we want a platform that offers music studios for all budgets, professional recording & rehearsal studios and home studios being then a great mix.

“Our motto: AirnStudio will enable artists to book music studios that match their budget and their needs!”

Since February 2016, we worked on the concept in order to build AirnStudio platform and Community step by step. We are a French startup based in Paris area and are willing to open the platform globally.

Here is a recap of the steps we went through so far and what’s next:

  • In February 2016, we started to develop the platform from scratch. We also launched our Twitter account in order to start to interact with studios and artists along with creating a teaser on AirnStudio. We received many positive comments on the concept, which encouraged us a lot.
Here is an example of an image we tweeted in March-April 2016, showing our concept of highlighting home studios
  • We opened our Instagram and Facebook accounts in the beginning of April 2016 to continue building AirnStudio Community! We are glad to say that we have today more than 14,000 ambassadors who support us.
  • On April 15, 2016, the first part of the platform was launched! Studios could preregister and create their studio listing through a very complete form.
  • Since January 2017, AirnStudio is part of the French Tech — the French organization for innovative startups!
  • Since then, the platform evolved a lot and we went from a preregistration studio form to a platform with a dashboard and studio listing preview. Artists can also preregister and create their profile.
  • Today, almost 500 studios signed up and we are glad to announce that studios are finally able to publish their listings online on the platform and start being noticed by artists!

What’s next?

The studios booking will start in 2017 Q3 and we are really looking forward to it!

We are now encouraging music studios and artists to sign up on in order to create their profile and get ready for bookings opening!



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