Writing a company blog is a task some business owners avoid and fear. While it may sound scary and overwhelming, it’s actually easier than you think.

Writing a company blog is a task some business owners fear, loathe, avoid or all of the above. At first, blogging can feel overwhelming, time-consuming, difficult and even scary. Although these emotions may be real, they’re pretty easy to overcome.

Blogging boosts credibility, increases brand awareness and improves your online presence. Accordingly, it improves your page rank and website SEO. Ultimately, overcoming the internal objections pays off in a big way! Let’s look at the details.

Improves Company Credibility

In the digital age, business owners and consumers first seek solutions to problems by searching online. They perform Google searches, browse through social media pages, local business listings, and customer reviews. According to the 2017 Global Online Consumer Report, when consumers search for a new product or service, 55% reference online review sites before visiting a prospective company’s website.

Blogging is a great way to build your company’s credibility and build trust within your community. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate expertise within your industry. Moreover, daily or weekly blog posts provide helpful resources and solutions to your audience. Consequently, your business earns undeniable credibility.

Increases Brand Awareness

A well-written company blog demonstrates expertise. In like manner, it organically increases brand awareness and customer loyalty. By giving informative advice, providing helpful solutions and sharing company news, your website becomes valuable to the public. You become the expert in your industry. People talk about you, your company and your even your company events. Ultimately, you get more referrals and generate more revenue.

Improves Online Presence

Multiple online platforms factor into your business’ online presentation. Fresh content is a key to getting potential customers to spend time on your website and social media pages. If your company consistently shares quality content from its blog, the odds of converting visitors into customers goes up.

Blogging gives companies opportunities to engage with the online community by consistently providing valuable information on their platforms. And remember, Google rewards businesses for producing quality content on a consistent basis. In contrast, companies with outdated content slide down the list of keyword search results.

Improve Website Page Rank and SEO

Your company website is scanned and ranked by Google on a constant basis. Google’s algorithms change pretty often. In other words, the rules are always changing. Consequently, it’s really important to keep your content up to date and consistent with best practices for SEO.

Blogging improves your company’s organic search engine rankings every time a post with targeted keywords get published. To learn more about SEO content writing, check out my previous post, ‘Writing for Search Engines.’

Jump on the Blogging Bandwagon

Are you still asking yourself if diving into the world of blogging is worth it? The answer is, “YES!” Writing a company blog helps your business in so many ways. It increases brand awareness, boosts credibility, improves SEO and keeps your customers informed. Ultimately, it generates leads that turn into sales!

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