We all, or perhaps most of us, were brought up with the idea that good education equals good job and overall success in life. This as a result gives us a false view of the world, since we are so used to believe that education and knowledge matter. Alas, in a current situation this couldn’t be more wrong.


Very soon after leaving the deceptive world of school and university you realise that the precious degree that you worked so hard for makes no difference at all. Well, in any case it plays a very small role in getting you a job. If anything, it might make it even harder for you to get hired as “you are overqualified” for the entry-level position and “lack experience” to work in the field of your expertise. Strange, isn’t it?

So the level of competence is irrelevant for a successful career, but what is? Have you noticed that people who are inefficient and unproductive get promoted a lot more often than those who actually deserve it? I have. And all those people have normally one thing in common — lack of morals and exceptional ass-kissing skills. Playing make-believe is the most important skill in modern corporate environment. Act like you know things, say when everyone wants to hear and you will succeed.

Does it mean that the management has no interest in hard-working, knowledgeable employees and only wants to have around people who are terrible suck-ups, who would never question even the stupidest of decisions and would do anything to get what they want? It appears so, and that’s incredibly sad.

You can call me a bitter loser, but I know so many talented people who are capable of amazing things and who, alas, struggle in life. Yet those whose mediocrity is as astounding as their selfishness get very high very quickly. So we should just stop lying to ourselves and pretending that competence and hard work are always rewarded. Maybe that way we wouldn’t get our hopes up and it wouldn’t hurt so much when things go wrong.



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