The Lean Startup, Eric Ries: Read if you wish to improve any organisation or team

On the title alone, you would think this book is just for startups… and if you work in a startup, BUY IT! But it’s also an unbelievable guide for anyone wishing to develop / improve / change any facet of an organisation. Eric Rie’s concept to continuously test, in order to to gain validated learning, is something I am apply to almost every part of my life. It us succinctly written, non-preachy, and will provide you with an abundance of ideas from a master of his own principles.

Start it Up, Luke Johnson

Read if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner

I first read this book upon its release many years ago, and since starting my third business, went back and read this book again. Luke writes in a very direct manner, cutting through the crap, and passing on an abundance of wisdom for those business owners out there. I took a huge amount from the sections that focused on choosing who you work with, and his opinion that almost anything that doesn’t build or sell product, is basically a waste of time! This book doesn’t cover everything you need (no book does), but I think it’s a perfect introductory text that will give you immediate results if you apply Luke’s principle. Definitely worthy of your attention.

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