Being an entrepreneur means you need blaze your own trail. You will get no career guidelines, counselors or maps will guide you from one step to next. You’ll have to make it up as you go. But if there was a set of guidelines, here are our tips to make your journey easier as an entrepreneur.

1. Keep the big vision in sight. — Stay focused
2. Fuel your vision with perseverance — Be motivated
3. Make a plan, but be flexible — Adapt to survive 
4. Embrace your expertise — Know yourself
5. Don’t reinvent the wheel — Start new, don’t start over
6. Don’t burn out — Pace yourself
7. Leverage everything — Find a need 
8. Keep your sense of humor — Laugh more, stress less

This is a special blog from our Entrepreneur mindset interview with Dominik Lipinski, and you will get insane growing tips to get your business to the top. And if you are in event business than this is your one successful stairway to ge to the top…

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