~ Project 1: Interested Challenge:

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How to win friends and influence people 🙂

I asked my friends, teachers, colleagues, family members different questions about themselves and i shows deep interest and i also argue about their interest, circumstances, short-term and long-term plans, goals & about their past experiences. Then they also show interest towards me and ask questions about my health, studies & future plans. I got very good response from everywhere. They all are very happy after talk to me. After very long discussion i realize that

Being interested is more important than being interesting.

Its up to you what you want to be with others interested or be interesting. i know both of the words have little similar meaning and these words are more confusing. Just like Mr. Dale Carnegie describe in his book that not to read the books on how to win friend, you have to study the techniques that how you attract and influence other people with affection. By spending time with others and listening their problems, also taught us those life lessons that we don’t ever had experienced in our life.

Just like “if the author doesn’t like people, people won’t like his or her stories.”

If we want to make friends then we should show concern and genuinely interested, we can also apply same techniques in job interviews. we should look more friendly & show energetic behavior and must prove ourselves that we really interested & passionate about this and best person for your company.

I learnt that if we want to make friends or make friendly behavior in any company then we have to give respect to others, show interest, care about their emotions and it also takes our thoughtfulness, energy, requires time, unselfishness.



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