Mobile subscriptions: It’s that simple.

Mobile subscriptions are a huge pain.

We spent the better part of two years trying to get them right at Elevate. We struggled with integrating subscriptions into the app, properly handling the server requirements, and reacting to all the edge cases we initially overlooked— and that was just to get subscriptions working at all. I’ve since realized that this isn’t an uncommon problem.

We further faced challenges in understanding the nature of our paying customers. What was our churn rate? How often were people unsubscribing? What was our monthly recurring revenue? None of these questions were simply answered using the analytics provided by Google or Apple. Digging deeper, we realized that the only way to truly answer these questions was to invest heavily in our own custom subscription tracking infrastructure powered by Google and Apple’s available APIs. This was time consuming, complex, and surfaced even more challenges.

Between StoreKit being broken, a lack of proper analytics, and the inherent bugginess of Apple’s and Google’s servers, implementing subscriptions correctly is hard. Businesses based on mobile apps need subscriptions to thrive. We need to embrace subscriptions if we want to continue to create a viable and vibrant app economy. Using subscriptions needs to be a more accessible option for all developers. That’s why I built RevenueCat.

Welcome to the future of the computer internet.

RevenueCat is an app framework and hosted service that enables all developers to get up and running with subscriptions in a matter of hours instead of months. I’ve taken all the lessons we’ve learned at Elevate, plus my personal experience as a consumer of developer services, to build the service I wished we’d had in 2013. For now the service is invite only while we smooth out the experience and get ready for a full launch in early 2018. Head over to the RevenueCat website and request an invite. I’d love to have you along for the journey.



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