Khudi is the secret of the self.The true meaning of one’s self is called Khudi and finding that khudi is a difficult task but khudi is somewhere present in everyone of us we just need to find out that.Allah Almighty has created a rooh(soul) for every body and the true reflection of khudi is in that rooh.The difference is that the one who finds his khudi reaches ultimate level of self respect and satisfaction.When someone finds out khudi then he starts to self learn to achieve the ultimate aim of his self, his khudi .This is where a man sets out on a journey of self learning. An better idea of khudi can be found out by the examples of the people that have achieved that state of purification.

“BURN THE BOATS”! … A memorable phrase said by Tariq bin ziyad when he reached Spain to conquer it .It was his khudi that made him to close all the possible ways back.He was only there to conquer Spain and there was no other option allowed by his khudi either they die or they conquer spain and the history is not hidden from any of us.Extreme levels of practical/action(AMAL) can only be obtained from khudi . Khudi is the direction guide for your deeds and goals .The ultimate goal for a Muslim is to find the path chosen by Allah Almighty , to find the purpose of his life that is to serve Allah Almighty.when a person finds his khudi and reaches the level of perfection,when he realize the true meaning of his self it enables the knower of the “Self” to become the vicegerent of God.

Another great example of khudi is no other that Abdul Sattar Edhi(R.I.P). Who is world known for his humanity.What do you think what made Edhi Sb the most humanitarian person on the earth? It was the realization of the khudi and amal followed by it .He became vicegerent of God by helping the God’s creation in need and his khudi and strong amal helped him learn on his way and he ultimately finded the right spot.

Khudi alone is not enough Amal is very crucial to achieve what one desire khudi provides the direction and a view/idea of the destination.Doing actions, doing struggles in the wrong way is of no use.It is khudi that makes a person to take a stand. What makes a fallen rider to stand up and ride again? What makes a wounded soldier to rise and fight again?What makes one so determine to get something in life ? to be something in life?What makes one to fight for his/her rights? The answer to all that is realization of our selves,it’s Khudi.



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