YEO Global

Meet Yash Ajitsaria, The Cheif Executive Officer of Youth Entrepreneurs Organization Global Group. He is known for taking ventures and projects to new heights with his incredible skills and entrepreneurial mindset

Mr.Ajitsaria is young entrepreneur who is well-kown for his managerial and leadership strategies. His tactical approach towards Organizational management has led him and his team to tremendous success.

Why did you decide to Join YEO Global Group? What Makes it so unique?

“I feel YEO is a medium for a better society in the future. YEO will prepare the new generation to develop new ways, which are economical, environmental, and social, which will not only lead to more business but develop the whole society into one united front”

How do you see YEO in the for-coming future? with your leadership?

“I see that in the next two years, YEO will be a leading national statue for all new start-ups done by younger entrepreneurs. I aim to make YEO a conglomerate business which shall, in the future, even become a venture capitalist that, with its specialties, helps the new entrepreneurs to gain success faster”

What will be your Management strategies & tactics for YEO?

“I feel that unity is the key to success. The team shall be my backbone, and them being satisfied shall be my priority. For me, their opinions and directors together shall form the best decisions. I will be aiming to set up new markets and establish our brand globally with the help of a system on which our team shall work. I will be appointing a manager to each market, and they shall make sure that the system works efficiently and smoothly without my daily interference too. I only want a weekly update, and the work will be done. This will allow me to focus on building up other markets and expanding YEO most productively and efficiently”



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