Robyn Sheppard

Hey everyone — Today was a fun day. We sent daughter №2 off to Fiji with her mates for her end of school journey reward/holiday. When you watch your baby go to the check in desk with her passport & luggage, and answer all the questions on her own, then watch her go through to the gates on her own, to catch an international flight, its a little bit bittersweet. Husband & I were very proud of her as she confidently strode up to passport control, but you kind of wish you could still hold her hand. What a fantastic opportunity she has, the memories she‘ll make this week will last her a lifetime, and at the end of the day, that’s what really counts isn’t it? The memories.

So, now its time for me to start creating opportunities for myself & my family so we can create lifetime memories. Its true that money can’t buy you happiness, but I think what it can give you a little more of is choices. What you choose to spend money on is key. When you get a little older & wiser, you know its not stuff that makes you content, though I wouldn’t say no to a little retail therapy. Peace of mind, financial security and a little something to leave the kids — that is what dreams are made of (not that I’m knocking a nice car, new shoes, a roof that doesn’t leak & another puppy).

I set my mind to thinking about achieving this, not just for me & my family, but all the entrepreneurs, small businesses, the little guys who want to give it a good crack. There is so much information out there, so much to read & implement. I don’t know how we can work in our business, on our business, effectively get new customers, advertise so that our potential customers actually see our expensive advertising and spend time with our loved ones! Its little wonder my hair is too long, I don’t do Pilates and there are things in the ironing pile that the girls grew out of before they got ironed!

Well, one thing I know that I can do, not only for me, but for you, is give us the impression of scale, or a local presence. Its so important that our customers see us and our business as we want to project them. It makes sense for branding, advertising & customer perception. After all, what most of us needs is to get a foot in the door. We know how much value & expertise we can bring the customer if we get the chance.

So now I’m on my own journey to help the little guys compete & hopefully build strong, sustainable businesses so they too can send their kids on their first solo international holiday & feel as proud as I do today.




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