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“Until you’re ready to look foolish, you’ll never have the possibility of being great.” -Cher

Obinna Morton

*Warning to the Non-Cursers: I curse once. Warning to shield your eyes. Thanks.*

9:40 a.m.

I took this photo a couple of times. Just on the second try, it made the cut. That’s good.

I have one more prompt to get to, but now I’m drinking tea and wanted to do this weekly round-up after I saw this when I made a cup to start my day.

I’m not actually ready to look foolish.

And oh yeah, I, generally speaking, like Cher. Particularly her 1980s resurgence. I like some of her looks and her style. I’d like to also be as skinny as her — working on it.

Also, I will find inspiration everywhere with people of different looks, so I always feel like I’m expected to “self-segregate,” so you know, thought I’d mention that.

People can be weird sometimes, I’ve found, with things like this.

Anyway, I wanted to start here because I was thinking to myself, “Fuck, I am going to look stupid if none of this stuff works out.”

This was before I made my tea. Then I opened the tea bag and saw this quote before microwaving for 3:00 minutes.

Yes, I’d like to be great. I claim this. I really would like to be. And it’s a nice juxtaposition with being open to looking foolish. Sometimes, however, you can just look foolish. So there’s that.

Still, inspiring text and worth mentioning, especially considering the foolishness of reinventing yourself so many times, which Cher and also, actually, Tina Turner did, too. Another post, another day.

So let me go over what I did last week. And what I’m doing this week. A quick recap now that this is a little inspiration to keep me going.

  • Same old, same old: doing work for two clients I have consistently, pitching to more podcasts and businesses, self-learning
  • Working on the video I have published: putting together a list of influencers together (now after this) to send a link to.
  • Published a few times on Medium, but this is primarily to get things out and share what I’m learning. No crazy serious goals here, which might be a good thing. I have a space to let go, and it would still be nice to *unexpectedly* make some cash. Ka-ching.

I think that’s basically it. I put into a few sentences eight-hour days. That’s okay, though. Words and action are two different things.

It will be the same, except I have to do a few different things:

  • Check in with a business that hasn’t gotten back to me yet about working with me
  • Continue the structured plan for my days
  • Continue the things outside of my writing business (Patronus stuff that I’m not talking about yet)
  • Send a link for the video and find a better thumbnail photo

Now let me get back to the lite writing stuff I have for Sunday before moving onto my day.

Thanks for listening.

Obinna Morton



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