Yep, I gave up on it…

I stopped trying to bury all the questions…

I finally responded to the call within me FROM THE DIVINE to be all that I am called to be, regardless of what my ex-religion thinks about it.

The vision is too important to be buried under crazy dogma that is just not real.

I love Papa

Papa loves me

That is all that matters — I decided to be done with all the middle man nonsense.

Why do I tell you?

Why does it matter to you?

Because you too are caught up, like I used to be, in trying to dot all the ‘i’s and cross all the ’t’s of your religion…

And you have questions

But you are too scared to really handle them

Maybe even scared that the ‘god of love’ you have been told to believe in, will send you to hell for all eternity if you speak up.

You kinda sense that you know the answer but it goes against everything you have been told to believe

You may lose your friends when you truly come out

I did

Your family might think you are a bit loopy

Mine always has and now it is at a whole new level

And so you are holding back from the rest of your life as you try to handle all of that and keep everything the same and everyone happy, even though you want change.


Your vision is calling

Is it important enough to you to MOVE YOUR BUTT?

The Divine is waiting for you to find the courage to truly STAND UP for what you NOW know to be your truth

It is that message that will change lives…

It is THAT message that will make you at least $5k/£3k in your online business

Do you dare to RISE UP and Shine your light?


I have walked the walk in my own life

I have helped clients walk this deliberate life path to freedom, fulfilment and financial abundance, while growing highly-profitable online business

Now is your time

Sign up now at

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born for!

Much Amazing Love



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