Once in a while it’s worth looking back. The mapping of event through time is the only way to perceive the change. If, there is any! Long time — no story. Here is one, a story in pictures. A story about stories, struggles, fails.

November 2015 — May 2016

The first part of the journey — the honey moon period. The founder is in love with his idea. Awww, so sweet — pink sunglasses and dreams about the future.

June — November 2016

Second part of journey. The roller coaster to the bottom. The “honey moon” phase is crashed by reality. Silicon Valley adventure ends with a total fiasco. Ouch, hurts. Time to go back home and heal the wounds.

Third Part of the journey or “I will fail and fail and fail again until I succeed” The fail part is there for everyone to see. The succeed part is very foggy.

The forth part of the journey. Maybe it is a humble beginning of success?! Future is bright! If it’s imagined.

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