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MLM and network marketing companies in Spain are going through an expansion phase. It is believed to be only better in the future. And that will be a piece of good news for all those people who are really passionate about the MLM business.

This will only result in increased revenues for both the network marketing companies as well as the persons involved in the business.

So as a person living in Spain, if you are trying to venture into the business opportunities provided by new MLM companies in Spain, do check out our list given below:

DoTerra has been there in the market since 2008. But it began its expansion in Spain only in recent years. The company has generated a sales of above one million US Dollars within a very few spans of time. Now the company has sales revenue of above ten billion US Dollars around the World. They mainly deal with products like essential oils and other related items.

The company is not only growing in terms of revenue but also its number of business consultants. At present, it is estimated that there are more than 30,000 consultants across the World.

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Melaleuca mainly sells products like multivitamin products, essential oils, and other beauty care products. Melaleuca’s revenue was reported as almost 2 Billion US Dollars in the year 2016, which shows an increase of a whopping 31 percent compared to its previous records. Their customer base is really huge with operations in different parts of the world with a major share in the country of Spain.

The data collected from various sources have reported that more than one million homes across the globe are the consumers of Melaleuca.

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Jeunesse is a network marketing company that mainly sells anti-aging products. The company crossed almost 3 Billion US Dollars sales in the next year after the company was just launched. The record growth of its sales revenue has generated a brand name for their products. They have been rewarded for being one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in Spain.

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One coin-Onelife mainly sells their own cryptocurrency named One coin, with which you can consume commodities on the DealShaker marketplace. They have been highly successful in other parts of the World, and have generated revenue growth of 60 percent between the year 2015 and 2016. It was 750 million Dollars at the beginning of 2015 which then later grew to almost 1.2 Billion US Dollars by the end of 2017. They do have more than 3 million people in the company, including customers and business owners.

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Younique was founded in the year of 2012 and their major selling items include makeup and other cosmetic care products. They do now have a customer base of more than 4 million customers around the globe including in the country of Spain. They have almost 2 lakh consultants. In the year 2016, its total sales revenue was found to be 400 Million US Dollars. Younique still operates in the same name but was taken over by another leading MLM company named Coty in the year 2017, and it was not fully but a share of almost 60 percent.

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Beachbody has reported a sales revenue of about 863 US Dollars for the financial year of 2016. They are famous for providing various products that boost your fitness and overall health. Some of their really famous programs include P90X and INSANITY.

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The above mentioned are the latest MLM Companies in Spain. You can Explore more to find out Top 100 MLM companies all over the world.

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Or to make proper research of other companies if you are not satisfied with the ones given here!



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