Fabiola Figueroa

Newfront has a culture that has remain as the pillars of the startup since the beginning. They defined this pillars with four important values, which are, and I quote from the case study;

  1. Empower people; by putting people at the center of the industry.
  2. Ambition; by acknowledging that they are changing the industry.
  3. Question Dogma; by thinking they can do and be different.
  4. New Standards; by always giddying themselves with the highest ethical standards.

As we did the case study, I was amazed at how fast they had grow and still kept their values up front. This has allow Newfront to become a top company in an industry that could be define as “not sexy enough” and even convince young, brave adults to get on board with the company.

However, as in every company, not everything is perfect; as former employees define the culture as friendly and charming, but not organized enough; although this might be because it has grow at a fast speed, it’s true the company has a long road ahead if they want to pursuit and persevere in the startup world.



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