I’m going to ask Darlene Damm about how incentives can take us “TO THE MOON!”

I am online NOW (6PM — 7PM Pacific Time, 8/14/18) with Singularity Hub’s Darlene Damm!

Two weeks ago, I coauthored (with Darlene) an article about how incentives can help us reach the limits of outer space. Tonight, we are going to talk more about incentive markets, her work at Singularity University, and humanity’s joint endeavor to push the boundaries of Earth’s gravity.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yeQpElGU6g

I invite you to tune-in to my live stream interview from 6PM — 7PM Pacific Time. We will be taking questions from all of you — this is a great opportunity to ask Darlene a question about her projects at Singularity University and outer space more generally!

To the moon!



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