Social media is meant to be social, but suddenly, when you visit, you are hit by the noise. It just might be an indication that you have lingered too long and have overdosed on quotes.

Every one seems to be their own version of Socrates, John Maxwell, Zig Zigler and more. With quotes, prayers, pictures, program banners and event updates, you realize that Social media is a Marketplace. And while it is great to be a participant, you shouldn’t actually live there.

For some, it is the ‘morning prayer’ and ‘bed-time story’; the getaway from reality, the land where through pictures and quotes, you are imagined to be wise, stunning and successful.

Somehow, you shouldn’t live in this Marketplace where everyone is talking or starting something or inviting you to an event or asking you to like a page.
You shouldn’t forget your quiet moments with self, just to reflect and decipher your own direction and evaluate your journey.
Your inner voice is drowned in the din of the Marketplace.

Sometimes, this quest to be loud on social media muffles our voice in reality. The real world needs doers; and doers make time for quiet reflection and evaluation in order to take guided actions that speak volumes.



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