Tuana Arin

Rigetti computing is a company that has the mission of creating the world’s most powerful computers. The futuristic and innovative nature of the company has definitely resulted in an accelerated growth of the company so much that it has more than tripled in size in a short span of 2 years. The founder and the CEO of the company, Chad Rigetti, has had few practices in order to scale the company. To begin with, the goal of the company is trying to be top 3 global cloud providers in the world in the next 10 years. This big of a goal motivates the employees to work harder in order to accomplish this goal. Secondly, there are effective practices by hiring people that are expertise in their field. Rigetti, by employing former top researchers from NASA and top universities of Berkeley and Stanford, is creating a team that is made of individuals who are expertise in their fields. I believe that this high level of knowledge and competence is pushing the company to grow and raise the standards. Lastly, the founder is giving out a $1 million prize “for the first project to prove commercial value from QCS”. I believe this is one of the most effective techniques in ensuring growth because the prize is pushing for innovation and innovation will naturally create growth. Rigetti is transforming the technology but being able to apply this technology is just as important and by focusing on building a community of supporters rather than trying to create a new standard, Rigetti is pushing for growth.



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