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My name is Ihor Shevkoplias and I am a CMO at SendPulse. This is a pilot digest with articles about product marketing and growth. Most of them were published in November — December but I also included some videos and podcasts that I listen to.

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Canva’s Growth Strategy: How they acquired 15,000,000 users published on Growth Manifesto.

Casey Winters, VP of Product at Eventbrite, talking about onboarding

Segment started Growth Masters section on their website and published great videos for product marketers and growth people. I loved Casey Winters’ (Eventbrite, ex-Pinterest, ex-Grubhub) talk about onboarding.

SaaStr University offers 300+ lessons in 3 free courses: Idea, Scale, and Traction. The best content from a top SaaS conference structured into courses.

The North Star Playbook

Amplitude published the North Star Playbook — solid content, like their previous Product Analytics Playbook about retention.

Best of 2019

Many companies published their recaps of 2019 — best posts, best podcasts, etc. Here’s a few interesting examples:


Traction Conf Vanvouver 2019 — I know it’s not published in December but I discovered the recordings at the end of the year. Enjoy the playlist.
Amplify 2019 — A Product Conference by Amplitude

Upcoming Events

Mind the Product | Manchester, Feb 6–7, 2020 and Singapore March 30–31, 2020
Product Con | London, Feb 11, 2020
Industry: the Product Conference | Dublin, Mar 9–11


Here’s my favorite podcasts about growth and retention.
Churn.fm — love this one. It’s a podcast for learning how the world’s fastest growing companies are tackling churn and using retention to fuel their growth.
Growth with Matt Bilotti (Drift)
Growth Marketing Today
Inside Intercom



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