I have been struggling, like seriously struggling to get a name in the state of North Carolina. The common person out of state knows very little of what it is like here, but anyone who is into agriculture or the medical field would love it. It is pretty cheap living compared to other states but has very little to offer in the art field. Yes we have the school of the arts that is famous but what about entrepreneurs who either don’t want to go to a arts school? Or the talented poor kids who cant afford it? In New York or California it is a slim chance to still achieve a non scholar goal yet it is a higher chance yet more competitive.

My goal is to make a southern platform for the people who are living here without the option to move to more accepting states and help people acknowledge artist in North Carolina. How am i going to do that? Well its a work in progress. I feel i’m onto something by making this youtube channel and creating these videos for artist, I feel if i can gain subscribers who believe in my vision and love art it will work. But support is key.

I would love to hear feedback from anyone who has been here or has formulated a solution to this issue. Also if anyone supports this i will put a link to my youtube channel at the bottom of this post.

Thank you for reading,





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