Don’t Let Fear Change Your Mind

I know what’s holding you back. It starts with F and ends with ear. No. Not F-ear. It’s fear. And it’s fucking bullshit.

What is there to be scared of? That you might have to take a smaller salary for a while? That you might have to live in a smaller house or apartment? That you won’t have a cool ride? That you might have to move back into your parents’ place? That you won’t be able to find another job right away? That low-life people will judge you based on all of the above?

Well, if that’s the case (which it probably is), I’ve got two words for you.

Fuck that.

You know what’s truly scary? The thought of having to live your entire life doing something you hate. That’s true fear right there. That’s the ultimate poison of this earth.

Sure, finding another job could be tough — maybe even scary. But do you know what’s a whole lot scarier? The thought of you being ninety years old, staring out of the retirement home window reminiscing on better times, thinking the two most dreaded words in human existence…

What if?


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