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My name is Muhammad Saulat Tariq its my wish to learn a new language but know one was there to guide me about how to learn. But finally I got success in my objective.

Setting Goals for oneself :

  1. Firstly after completing graduation from my hometown I told to my parents that now it’s time to complete my dream that I had from last few years and I also ensure them that I will do some job also, so that for this I have to go some big city where I can get more opportunity .so I decided and made a plane to go to Lahore.
  2. I was too much happy because I got permission and the time reached to gain my dream and so in this way I came to Lahore and the first thing I did was to get admission in Chinese language.
  3. Although it was too much tough but i came here with determination and started it with keen attention and also participated in every activity, it also help me to get attention of students and teacher. Teacher also give full attention and cooperate with me, so slowly and steadily I got it and learned it. It was too much difficult but I never felt so because my mission and objective was clear so I did it.

Change only comes through hard work:

keep working,only when you work, automatically everything will happen.keep working,keep working,keep working… You cannot do anything else,just keep working.God will help you.

Khudi and Self Learning:

  1. From Edhi Sb principle that “WE MIGHT NOT BE STRONG ENOUGH,BUT WE HAVE TO TRY” so here he give stress that at first no one have a power to do something at once but it take time to proceed it and determination and passion so one should have to work hard and hard. And similarly just like his examples I also not fully prepared but i decided and determined myself to do it so i try and work hard and finally succeeded in my mission.
  2. This was really a great message from which I motivated more and it give me a strength. That we should start whatever condition is and then proceed it ,combat with situation and finally we got it

Our work is to try ,and God is the one who gives strength and who makes all the work easier.our work is to try and try and hard work.”

Similarly I also try to start and then i did it and now I am trying my best to study further and proceed it.



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