Years of development, mastering every technology you value, understanding how most things work in software world, growing your lead qualities. What next? How to become better yourself now?

You was not very lucky and born in country that have 12 hours difference with silicon valley timezone but working in startup and building useful things is what you are really exciting. When every person important for success and trying to achieve same goal. This keeps you in good shape, you can even find time for gym and family because you just happy and do not search opportunities all time.

All local job positions looks for you boring because it mostly outsource or develop internal hidden software (sometimes even with non ethical logic!). Even on high positions it do not offer competitive compensation. Equity is something like myth here. But you got good experience here.

At some point you start working remotely and it moved you closer to startup world. No local job anymore, it’s different level. It’s great, cool, exciting, everyone on own place, moving to success, team grow and… you are becoming offshore engineer. Company grow because hard work and it need onsite engineers because HQ have 12 hours difference with tech team. Equity plan proposed to you because you did really great job. But you are becoming second tier. You are still doing hard work but your importance going down. For management team it’s more comfortable to discuss direction with onsite engineers. You are capped by onsite engineer skill that not too high because good one cost much more money than company can afford right now. Days becoming longer your depression stronger and you again open for new opportunities.

So how to exit from this cycle:

  • Look for opportunities with visa sponsorship. Not seems as usual case for startups. If you decide to move you will lose in money. You will get less monthly saving than you have now. And it will be much less if you have family. In addition you are already have own apartment to live that making you less mobile.
  • Become an entrepreneur. You know how to make any software but you don’t have ideas. All what you can imagine already have strong competitors. All ideas that you found in internet are not realistic from tech side, not inspected well for competitors or just stupid. You don’t have any issues in life that can be solved by software. You see how successful internet entrepreneurs making doubtful things and have their xxx$ monthly revenue. Even with 6 months of creative vacation you don’t know what to make. May be you are too pessimistic or too realistic.
  • Make one more online training. You don’t think it make sense, you always learn everything from official documentation and from sources. And there already exist good article/video about anything. 10k likes on youtube video after years of making tutorials? Is it really worth it?
  • Write depressive story. It will not help.

What other options do you have? I don’t know. It’s damn closed cycle.

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