Mike Madigan

Was in Novato earlier…. Stopping in, visiting businesses, and just saying hi. Occasionally I caught myself saying too much, not keeping it simple or plainly civil as I reasoned before walking through door.

Sales, but not. I’m perceiving and translating, or re-translating, Account Executive as Network Architect, or Referral Engineer, Connection Technician. I’m taking sales OUT of it.

3:26. Leaving at 4:30, then to Steele & Hops for writing, planning. Wake earlier, tomorrow… write daily plan, or re-write it. So much in my thinking presently I not only can’t focus, but cant resist temptation of new ideas. Recently heard from another blogger that this is not a detriment. Not sure where I stand on the issue. Or, if I even have a stance. Maybe I don’t.

Even overthought lunch today. Should I run, or eat, and if I eat then what. Elected the tri-tip truck just outside this building. Or rather, Sonic’s other building, the 2250.

Desk is so cluttered, but I’m not thinking about it. Immediately I’m swallowed by the sight and reality of doing all through phone, laptop, journal. And that’s it. That’s literally all that would be in my office. This one and any other one.

Switching mode. Something else. How do I make just a biblical avalanche of sales find me? How do I make these people holding onto their contract just fucking sign them? Today is Day 5 of Month 6. Feel like I should know. And I know, I need something different do. Account Executive, having little to do with executive activities, or accounts, but pervasively inventorying your reality, how to monetize what you already have, had before becoming an AE, and converting it to cash. Just what I’m thinking now.





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