Growth is Key to Success

Passion and Innovation is how you manage growth

-Tasneem Shahani; Owner of Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen

Spark Week’s event at Islington College, Kamalpokhari was mainly based on growth of a business. Into the third day of Spark Week, we were noticeably getting more energized and organized as the day and nights progressed. The event centralized on illustrating the necessity of growth and obstacles that may come in between in the growth of a business.


It was great to attend an event where Mrs. Tasneem Shahani (Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen), Dr. Bishal Dhakal (Health to Home Foundation) and Mr. Ravi Phuyal (Innovative Nepal Group) were panelists sharing their experiences with us and Mr. Vidhan Rana (Founder of Biruwa Ventures) as moderator, guiding the whole event.

Course of Action:

“What exactly is the growth of a business?”- The session took off rather interrogatively through this question posed by Mr. Vidhan Rana, the moderator. Mr. Ravi replied with his own analogy that the growth of a business is a mixture of growing numbers, market brand value and goodwill. Mrs. Tasneem quickly responded that growth is something to be innovative about, new to come back again and again. Mr. Bishal explained the importance of growth on a business by reminding the competition out there, how one needs to be different and innovative than the other to reach ahead of them. Mr. Vidhan pointed out that target and vision are the stepping stones of business; though the pathway may be different, a startup should be more inclined towards vision achieving. He also added one should be prepared for any sort of situation that may arise. In the same context, Mrs. Tasneem came forward with a self-answered curiosity- what the case in general is for when a business which is staged between continuing and giving up. Her exact words were, quite fascinatingly, “Rub it out, Level Head”. Mr. Bishal also talked about taking calculated risks but knowing one’s boundaries, doing micro level mistakes so nobody notices may be the pathway for failure. He implied that failure doesn’t have to be the teacher, success is the ultimate teacher. Mr. Ravi advised startups to know what they are working on and what the market needs are. Also, sharing them with mentors, minimizing risk by research, survey, to avoid bankruptcy can be effective tips for a flourishing startup. Mr. Bishal added that an inquisitive mind is what this generation of people should have and what one has initiated should be good enough to expand according to Mr. Ravi.

The Ultimate roadmap for Growth of a Business

The event focused on startup businesses who are confused about the upcoming obstacles and necessity of growth in their business. Summarizing the whole event, the major key points were that growth is a continuous process, every business should be growing at any time. Many obstacles and problems may come in the pathway but that’s just a part of any venture in common. One is not meant to jump when they are not stable. How the same thing that is existent in the market can be presented differently and more innovatively depends entirely on the knowledge of growth among startup pioneers.

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