Making business decisions can seem like something you are ill-equipped and unprepared for unless you are primed for it from a young age or highly experienced in the process — it takes some serious confidence in your vision and ability.

This has come to the fore recently where we have been forced to do some real soul-searching to decide exactly how we want to go about the first phase of the business.

We mentioned before how we have gained the support of a developer who seems to be the real deal — and we were right. But this just makes you question whether you are going in the right direction when you are faced with someone with tons more experience and know-how who wants to prioritise certain aspects.

You must, must, must go back to the start and solidify exactly what you want your product to do and who you are trying to help. Your product always has a core function and raison d’être which you have to push time and time again — otherwise you will inevitably lose sight of why you started up in the first place.

It left us with sleepless nights and countless headaches. It is so much harder than you think, especially when in the back of your mind there is the niggling thought of “who are you to suggest a way forward contrary to the wishes of this person who has been there and done it!” But grow some balls and follow your instincts — in the end we are glad we were pushed to do so.

Once you have solidified your vision, you will know your direction and what you initially want to be able to do. You will have a plan — that mystical but absolutely imperative aid that is the only way you can get the ideas out of your head onto paper, focus on tasks and not lose your mind.

Don’t, for the love of whoever from whatever religion, get carried away with this small success though (success nonetheless!). There is still such a long way to go and so many boring documents to put together before you can build the product. Spec after spec after spec!

Even when the time comes for that product to be built, there comes the ‘entrepreneurial wait’. This is where you have no control over how long a certain phase will take; you can’t even do much to influence it as you have no expertise there whatsoever!

You wouldn’t believe the problems that arise either! Problems you had never even heard of before, problems you didn’t even know were a thing — they start to infiltrate your everyday thought process.

But it is a wait you’ve got to accept and even embrace, use it to your advantage and get other important things ready, get your social media channels up and running 🙂



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