Here is just a short announcement:

In December I launched Swedish Tech Weekly, a free more-or-less-weekly email newsletter providing a compact curated selection of the latest and most important news from Sweden’s tech and startup industry.

The Swedish startup and tech industry is one of the most important ones in Europe and arguably even in the world, particularly considering the country’s small size. At the same time, coverage is fragmented. While the major funding rounds and news from Swedish startups and tech firms are reported by the international tech press, these articles are easy to miss among the massive amount of content that’s published every day. Many other news are only covered by the two major tech sites in Swedish language, Breakit and DI Digital.

I figured that there clearly is a need for a regular, brief overview of what’s going on in the tech sector of that Nordic country, in English. I’ve so far published 5 issues (here is the most recent one), and the early metrics regarding signups and subscriber retention suggest that people in fact appreciate the format.

If you are an investor, founder, tech journalist or employee at a startup or tech firm and would like to stay informed about one of the world’s trendsetting tech nations with as little time investment as possible, or if you simply happen to be interested in both technology and the country of IKEA, Spotify and Köttbullar, then I recommend you to sign up at



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