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I have been using amazon for several years now to purchase products ranging from books, gym equipment to all kinds of nick nacks. Recently I took the plunge and began selling on the platform here are some of my observations.

Amazon already has millions of users

Instead of having to build and my own website from scratch amazon already put in the leg work in place for me. This means millions of customers have access to my products. If you decide to sell products on amazon you can be sure if they are of good nature and in high demand they will most likely be quick sellers. I personally made my first amazon sale after one day! J

The amazon seller app

How did I know what to price my products and the likelihood they would even sell? The amazon seller app allowed me to look up items by typing them in or else scanning there barcode. This gave me information on its popularity and also what other sellers are currently selling them for.

Fees and shipping

There are several business models you can use on amazon including merchant fulfilled and fulfilled by amazon (fba). I am starting with merchant fulfilled but aim to move to fba shortly due to the increased profit opportunities. Rates. Amazon takes a cut of I sell depending on the products weight, something to keep in mind if you decide to sell yourself!

Start-up costs and payment

This depends entirely on your business model; as I went with merchant fulfilled and selling unwanted items around the house my initial costs were simply postage, which of course I will be reimbursed in once payday rolls around.

I hope this information proved helpful to any potential future amazon sellers!

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