Ever since starting my first startup I kept on trying to figure out what my most important job is. Talking to other founders and reading a lot of blog posts I got a wide array of answers ranging from hiring the best people to always raising money.

The younger version of me wasn’t satisfied with any of those answers and for many years I tried and retried to answer the question but I couldn’t pinpoint it.

As we were growing, the answer felt like a moving target. Hiring the right people is increasingly important, but so is ensuring we partner up correctly, have the right marketing plan, and are working on the right products and features that would maximize our output.

A few years ago I stopped trying to figure it out, but recently the answer became very clear to me.

A leader’s most important job is to make decisions, quickly and efficiently.

Not just know how to make decisions. Not just know where to find the right information to base decisions off of. But actually make the decision itself when it’s needed and not a second later.

Everything requires decisions. Hiring, raising capital, creating marketing plans, and pretty much everything else founders are faced with is a decision. Some are easy, some obvious, but in my experience those aren’t the ones that get you to be very happy. It’s the tough ones we tend to need to sleep on or will think about later that ultimately lead to failure.



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