Andres’ Office

Jan 1, 10:30am, at the beach 🏝🌊☀️
The next hour I enjoy it more if I am working.
… ❤️
There is something naturally coming out of my heart at all times, and I chose to do that for work.
Ironically instead of being the easiest project ever, it has been the hardest project ever.
… 🏔
I cannot believe how cool of a job I have found, it only gets better and better and I call the shots. It is the purest self-mastery activity I have seen. Yes it is better than surfing🏄🏻 , sex💥, motorcycles🏍 and snowboarding🏂 .
… ⛴
This is what I share with you at all times. When you want to join an industry, like design or dentistry, you gotta invest all your time and most of your money into that industry to join it, in school, materials, practices, courses, credentials, training, setting up, etc. My industry works just like that. But my boss is me, the profit collector is me, the director of design is me and I will never get fired. I encourage you to choose your industry wisely.



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