Fanice Mangoja Nyatigo

Meesho is very big on creating a community within its user user-base and in recognizing its role int their development When Malvika Tegta joined Meesho as the Head of Branding, she sought insights into the sellers’ perspective of Meesho. From the 500 stories she received, empowerment stood out as the biggest value that the sellers got from Meesho. Later in the monthly newsletter, the CEO’s acknowledged the stories and shared them with the rest of Meesho. This helped create a culture of trust and motivation. To further support the upskilling of their users, Meesho created the Meesho Business Academy- an MBA for resellers- to help further develop their business skills. Additionally, they organized Mission Rise, a women’s entrepreneurship summit that was the largest women entrepreneur community in India.

Meesho also believed in perfection of the work of its employees, so it created a gamification to their structure, where games accounted for completed projects, ideas and overall effort. The Vice President of Business, Utkrishta Kumar, believed that things would fall into place for everyone who had the right intent and was going towards their goal at full speed.

An unintended consequence of the push for speed and perfection is that employees might feel overworked/undercompensated over time, leading to poor employee satisfaction that would see Meesho lose some of its talent.



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