December Updates


“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.” Seth Godin

Kickstarter campaign Done! Yeah

You made it possible. We have to thank so many people for making a difference. And yes you are truly making a difference. This campaign was just the beginning of your and our journey to spread the word about water x fashion.

We hope that you will appreciate and love what we created. There is no doubt that we did it for you. Today we will celebrate. But tomorrow we will get in touch with you and start a whole new story.

What Now?

The sweaters are on their way and will finally arrive in Berlin next week. All Startnext and Kickstarter supporters get the sweaters before Christmas.
We know it took so long to make this happen and we are so thankful for your patience.

It was an absolutely crazy year and we are exhausted and at the same time thankful for everything we were allowed to experience. That is not self-evident and we know that only too well. It is a privilege to bring something unique into the world together with so many wonderful people. Let us tell a new story together.

Best wishes from Berlin,

Ali + Team



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